Maybe next time

I’m making roast beef sandwiches to take in my lunch. Both animals are staring, just like every morning. I toss a chunk of beef in the air and the dog opens his mouth as reflex, and the meat lands in his mouth and is instantly swallowed. He assumes the the begging face again within 3 seconds.

I save a little chunk for the cat. He sniffs it then backs away as if I’ve offered him turpentine. But then he curiously sniffs again, then tilts his head to get a better angle. He takes a quick little lick just to be sure that it’s really what it smells like. Then he settles back to take in what he’s seeing, smelling and tasting. Now he knows he wants some.

Ooooops! Too late. I grow impatient and toss the morsel to the dog, who inhales it and waits for another treat. Maybe next time, Kitty…

I visit my facebook page occasionally to see what my kids are doing.   But to see the stupidity that they entertain on a daily basis?  No thanks!  

And some of their posts aren’t all that bright, either.

My Grandmother, Annabelle, as a young woman.  I wish she was here tonight to watch Boardwalk Empire with us.  Of course, she’d be horrified at the nudity and violence.  I wonder how prevalent heroine and cocaine really were.  And I wonder if she ever went to speakeasies.  I’m really becoming fascinated with that time period.

How I would love to hear about her experience in the “Roaring 20’s”.  She was a wonderful woman.

My 20 year-old came by this Saturday.  She always sketches stuff as she sits at the kitchen table.  We used to have contests to see who could draw the most hideous faces.  She is still the champ.

Share an unpopular opinion thread: something you believe that you are fairly sure most people don’t agree with.





I’ll go first: BRAVE is not a good movie.

Tom Petty it’s the poor man’s Bob Dylan.

Star Wars was just OK.

Football is boring.

Great minds are unstable.  Antidepressants squash creative genius.

I can’t believe I’m saying my hat is off to the French Government, but it is.

The Shiba 500

Little Champ is performing the Shiba 500.  I don’t get it.  He runs around the house like he’s chasing a rabbit, darting back and forth and chasing his tail.  Then he flies through the doggie door out into his dog pen, where he spirals widely and eventually into the spot where he takes his dump.

My daughter told me to google the Shiba-500, which I did.  My little dog’s Shiba-500 is the best I’ve seen, by far. It ends with a pile of shit as a finale!

5 movies I’d take on an island.

Thanks salty—sam, I also usually watch movies one time, except for the ones worth watching more than once:

1.  Monthy Python:  Holy Grail (even though I almost know it word for word).

2.  Family Guy:  Star Wars Trilogy:  Episode II

3.  Oh Brother, Where Art Though?

4.  Crumb

5.  Classic Albums: Nirvana – Nevermind

I’ve watched all of these more than once.  I love them all.

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Saturday Morning Work Life Reflections

I have written in the past about my difficult co-worker who needs constant affirmation. If he doesn’t get it, he lashes out. He thrives on manipulation and being in control, and he never backs off. It seems that he’s always got an agenda. I don’t trust him, and I have to keep him at an arm’s length at all times.

I’m the type of person who just wants to get my job done and I don’t need constant human interaction to get through my day. I do my best to avoid him because I actually enjoy being productive and seeing something accomplished. I don’t think he ever accomplishes anything except creating confusion. 

He has been trying to arrange a get-together with our wives for about the last two years. He has suggested camping, hiking and biking because he knows I’m into all those things. This week he suggested we take our wives hiking and have a picnic at a trail near my house. I told him we have plans, as I always do. I fear he may drop by my house with his wife after their hike, like he’s done in the past.  He never seems to give up.

I keep making excuses and often wonder if it wouldn’t be best to just be blunt and tell him that we aren’t interested. However, I must have a good working relationship with this guy, and don’t want to alienate him entirely. Then my job would be hell, as I know how vindictive he can be.

I’m aware that most people have issues co-workers. I’m probably handling it the right way.  I’m just venting, I know there’s no real solution to this problem.

Hot water heater went out two days ago.  I replaced it after work on Tuesday, and took a cold shower before work yesterday.  Invigorating, but wouldn’t want to do it every day.  

Time to get my ass out of the chair and into the warm shower this morning.  As always, I have a long day ahead of me.  Driving 200 miles to perform a site survey and back home before bedtime.  I feel like it’s life in the fastlane every day.