Took the sea kayak out yesterday to Rock Lake, which we’ve never visited.  We had a lot of fun.

What to do?

So my wife and I, now empty-nesters, need something to do. We are thinking about boating, which we’ve always enjoyed. The TX-19 was a blast, but with no kids around, it’s just not the same. I’m closing in on 60, my wife is closing in on 50. We still like to water-ski, but none of our 50-ish friends do.

We are now thinking about getting a sailboat. I’ve sailed twice in my life, and really liked it both times. My wife has never done it. I would like to go out sailing in a 25 to 30 ft. sailboat and see if she likes it before I invest in something she’s not going to enjoy. I’m hoping we can possibly take some sailing lessons or find some other way to get on a sailboat.

By the way, I went sailing on Puget Sound once and was totally amazed at how much I loved it. Seeing orcas and sea lions while we quietly skimmed across the water was something I’ve never forgotten.

I need to find a way to make this happen.

One more shot……one of my favorite places.

Shot of my then 17 year-old driving the TX-19.  Kids are all gone now and so is the boat  Although we usually went away on vacation, this one time I insisted we go camping for a week on the Snake River.  I think this became one of the most memorable vacations we ever had.

Today I embarked upon my last 500 mile journey in this hot, noisy, dirty, worn-out and somewhat dangerous, high-rollover risk,company owned gas-gulping 2000 Jeep Chetokee.

When I return from my trip tomorrow I’ll park this beast forever and take receipt of a new 2014 Ford Escape.

This single enticement may persuade me to stick around for an additional year or so.

Life is good for intermountaintrekkr.

I support local everything.  Local brewery, local produce, local protein pucks.  What?  

If I don’t have time for breakfast I pick one of these dense food pucks in the morning.  I also take them on hikes.  

The guy used to make them in his kitchen and sold them to the local coffee shops.  Then they started selling them in local stores.  Now I’m sure they’re going nationwide!  I just know it.  I have a gift for picking up on great ideas, too bad they’re never my own….

Tonight I went on a hike up on the mountain with my wife.  It does us both good.  Mentally and physically.  Plus I worked out at the gym for an hour this morning.  I’m hating the extra 5 lbs I’ve gained over the last few months.  I’ve decided my ideal weight is 165, and that’s where I want to stay.  I’m Middle-Age Man and I’m working on it!!!

Tomorrow my wife is headed up to the Big Barn Brewery after work.   These teachers never get tired of partying.  Do you remember your high school teachers as party animals?  I sure don’t.  I guess I better be a team player and hang out with the teachers.  

As soon as my wife gets off the phone with Daughter #1 we’re heading back to the family room to watch “Hell On Wheels”.  Not a great series, but kind of fun.

Have a great night, lucky readers.

Woody Harrelson, in his latest role as intermountaintrekkr.

Yesterday and today I’ve gone into my basement office, where I drink coffee and try to wake up every morning, only to find a Pacific Tree Frog hopping around.  I take him out to the rocks on the opposite side of the house, but the next morning, he, or another one that looks just like him, appears.

Will I ever unlock this mystery?