Been so busy I haven’t posted much lately. Spent a nice anniversary night with my wife yesterday.

Today we’re going to the Big Barn Brewery to celebrate. It’s supposed to reach 99 degrees this afternoon, so I’m taking some shorts with me and going straight to the barn after work.

Being too busy is good sometimes.

High-fructose corn syrup

At our house we have a name for high-fructose corn syrup. We call it, or anything containing it “cancer fuel”. Tumors love it!!

Or so I’ve read. Doesn’t matter, the moniker stands.


How to tell if you are pro human rights or anti Israel.

Troubling indeed. This has been bothering me lately.

Woke up with Polly

Two mornings now. Dark and powerful.

Nirvana in my head.

I value my time alone just to sit and think. Many times when I’m driving, I don’t listen to music or talk radio. I just let my thoughts flow. Sometimes I have negative thoughts that dog me. I either deal with them or try to push them away.

I believe that I own my mind. It takes work. Like a car or a house or a pet, sometimes it gets away from you. But I think it’s possible to enjoy your thoughts without constant diversion. Going where you want to go, in your own head.

I can’t go to bed.  I’m enchanted by my rock garden at night.  

Must work tomorrow….

Intermountaintrekkr:  1

Bigassrock:  0

Big ass rock is in place, rock garden is starting to come together.  

Construction barrier

Japanese cuteness at it’s finest…..Construction barriers should always be adorable.

Sunday Damage Report

Like @making-stuff, I was over-confident yesterday. I chose a huge rock for my rock garden, would guess it weighs in the 300-pound range. Tried using a pry bar to inch-by-inch move it up the hill, but put a nasty scratch on this magnificent chunk of granite, which now will need to be the face-down side. So I thought, I can muscle this guy over the crest, watch the back, careful not to strain anything…..

I tried different angles, grips and stances and finally found a way to roll it a half-revolution over another big rock. From there I pushed it onto level ground. It took me 45 minutues to move this guy about 3 feet.

Now that my huge rock is accessible, how do I get it to the garden? I tried rolling it into the wheelbarrow, which is probably not smart. Felt pains in pecs and left shoulder, back still ok. Took a break, then called it a night.

I woke up feeling like I was involved in a car-wreck yesterday. Luckily, the weak link (known as “the back”), is ok. Will I be able to get the rock to it’s final destination today? Yes, but it will involve aspirin, trucks and plywood. Let’s just hope my wife likes the rock garden when she gets home from vacation, or a substantial increase in physical work will be involved.

The Sacrificial Piss Log

I was in the back yard, looking through the wood pile.

Wife: What are you doing?

Me: Looking for a sacrificial piss log.

Wife: OK.

I realized right there and then that we belong together. She knew exactly what I meant. I was looking for log to put in the enclosed area where the animals do their business. They were using the wooden columns supporting the deck, but now they use the sacrificial piss log I placed in front of it.

I never want to have to start over with someone else.  25 years together means many things no longer need explaining.